Eva Presutti is an Italian Event & Wedding Planner specialized in organizing the most unforgettable experience for your special day.

We want the most important day of your life to become a wonderful and cherished memory. We know nothing can be left to chance in making your wedding an unforgettable day so by taking care of every last detail we will make sure all your dreams will be realized.

Why we love Eva Presutti Event & Wedding Planner


When dreams come true !

Eva Presutti Event & Wedding Planner is a well-known and respected brand for wedding planning based in the eternal city of Rome. The team includes experts and professionals in the field who can organize the perfect wedding and event at 360 degrees. Over the years, thanks to her success she has expanded her work covering all locations in Italy and starting to collaborate with international destinations.

Eva will follow you from the very beginning and she will support you every step of this wonderful journey always remaining by your side at the many appointments and in the decision making any time you need.

Eva will become a fundamental companion in your wedding planning and also a lovely person with whom to share your wishes. You can choose what type of wedding is the most appropriate for you: traditional classical ceremony, theme wedding, or wedding out of the lines. Anything is possible with Eva because she is specialised to make dreams come true!

If you are looking to have a luxurious wedding in the most exclusive location like a real princess, there is no doubt that Eva Presutti Event & Wedding Planner is the right choice for you!

About Us

Creative professionals specializing in the art of reception

Eva Presutti Event & Wedding Planner is named after me, Eva Presutti, born with the passion for event organization and grew up with the idea of becoming one of the best Wedding Planner in Italy. I have chosen to establish our headquarters in the heart of Rome, but over the years, our range has extended to cover all of Italy, and beyond.


My mission is to personally follow every kind of event, organizing it at my best in a professional and creative way. The idea behind every project is to achieve the perfect blend between the taste and the needs of my customers by sharing my professional experience in the industry. In fact, I love to create events that are exclusive and accurate in every detail, and of course, never leaving the logistic side of the most important moments in their life.

I will personally follow every design phase of the event, I will support you, I will encourage you with my positivity to make exciting and unique every moment of the magical journey that will lead you to the fateful "yes".


In doing so, of course, I will not be alone. I will be able to shape your wishes because I have built over time a fantastic team of professionals and suppliers. 


I have always believed that the secret of a winning team lies in the ability to enhance individual skills in a context of deep cohesion. You will find that we live our work with passion and strong sense of responsibility with the intent of satisfying your expectations and delighting yourself by making your "day" a real daydream.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to satisfy every request for our customers: weddings, birthdays, graduations, civil unions, baptisms, baby parties, anniversaries, business events.

We can start planning together what will become a real 'dream come true' for all the important occasions of your life.  And this does not apply only to the Italy.

In fact, the Eva Presutti Event & Wedding Planner organizes important events beyond national borders thanks to the increasingly popular Destination Wedding.

We are ready to make you enjoy the most beautiful and important day of your life: close your eyes, try to imagine it, make a wish and we will make your dream come true!