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By Rachael Taylor | 14 January 2019

Candy jewellery

In the month of the year that is always a record breaker for new gym memberships, it is perhaps not the moment to celebrate the glory of calorific treats, but these sweet jewels are completely guilt free.

Candy has been a tempting source of inspiration for jewellery designers of late, with smooth and juicy cabochons and saccharine shades of enamel proving too much to resist. And as well as delivering a hit of sweetness, this new trend also embraces the lighter side of life, encouraging us to live a little and be playful.

Bright, bold colours, like those of the gemstones selected for Harry Winston’s first ever collection dedicated solely to cocktail rings, are key. Winston Candy, a collection of one-off rings, launched in November at a customer event in London, which was decorated with enormous sweet jars filled with childhood sweet-shop favourites like rhubarb ‘n’ custards and kola cubes. In some slightly more secure glass cases across the room were the rings, set with huge hunks of aquamarine, spessarite garnet, red spinel, Paraiba tourmaline and pink sapphire.

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Winston Candy By Harry Winston 6 Copy

These sugary rings – which happily clashed candy colours against each other, such as a 6.69ct mandarin garnet surrounded by a halo of turquoise beads – were named for their pick ‘n’ mix aesthetics. But the inspiration for the designs was actually lifted from archive drawings made by Mr Winston himself in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when neighbourhood sweet shops were thriving.

Origin 31, a new brand launched in London last year, celebrates this naive spirit with its debut collection, Child’s Play. As well as picking up motifs from the toy box, such as those much-battled-over victor’s pie slices from Trivial Pursuit, it includes jewels inspired by sweet treats.

Fidget Ring And Rock Necklace Low Res

Sticks of seaside rock, and those Haribo rings you used to slyly slip on your engagement finger before them gobbling off, are reimagined in gold with glossy stripes of enamel.

Haribo And Hoola Hoop Low Res

Enamelling – a heritage jewellery technique that is enjoying quite the new lease of life right now – has also been used by established jewellers such as Alice Cicolini to evoke the sweet shop. The designer’s Candy Kimono jewels’ candy-striped gold acts as a colourful setting for round gemstone beads in a variety of edible shades.

Candy Kimono Ring
Candy Kimono Hoop Earring

While candy colours seem to reign supreme across jewellery right now, there is also a scoop of jewellers taking a more literal approach to sweet-tooth jewels. Bulgari’s Fiesta collection has dripping bejewelled ice lollies and emerald-topped cupcakes, as well as swirling, diamond-encrusted lollies. Ahead of the curve, Tessa Packard served up her ironically (but accurately) titled Fat Free collection some years ago, and the jewels – which are still available for sale – offer up silver gummy bear cufflinks and half-eaten chocolate bars.

Italian Gelati 262659 Creativo
Italian Gelati Hj 16 05 20176349
Lecca Lecca Hj 16 05 20176308
Torta Rings Hj Basic 20177881

Packard also offers an antidote for all this sweetness – a diamond-dotted gold and silver Diet Pill linked to a bracelet or necklace. Though her new collection, Under the Influence, which is inspired by sticky-sweet cocktails, remains just as unvirtuous, thankfully.

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