About Us


Tidlrs is an online discovery platform dedicated to the luxury sector and set to become one of the leading destinations for consumers and purveyors of luxury goods and services.

Our site brings together a diverse range of retailers and providers of luxury items and experiences in a curated, editorial-style platform. The content about the luxury brands featured on our website is provided, updated and managed by the retailers who have subscribed with us. For instance, in the case of luxury products like watches, jewellery, homeware etc., this might be the manufacturer of the product in question or one of their recognised retailers.

Similarly, for luxury services the content might be from the provider of the relevant luxury service experience - such as an amazing hotel experience provided by the hotel’s owners or managers, or an exciting or relaxing lifestyle experience from an airline, a charter company, a cruise line or the provider of a luxury rail journey or a spa or health resort, or it might be stunning interior design ideas and advice from a leading interior designer.

So, our site reflects the latest product and services information and campaigns about the brands featured on our website brought to you directly from those who know them best, namely those who make, sell or provide them.

Links through to featured companies’ own websites allow users to the Tidlrs site to connect effortlessly with the products and services you’re interested in. And you can return easily to the Tidlrs website to continue your journey through the luxury world.

Blending advertising, editorial, PR and social, Tidlrs is a single reference point for manufacturers, retailers, interior designers, hoteliers, travel companies and anyone else interested accessing and immersing themselves in the world of luxury.


The Tidlrs team provides a curated online platform designed to facilitate exploration and discovery of the world of luxury to give users an informative and interesting user journey. It makes finding and acquiring luxury items quick, easy, informative and exciting.

Our website also contains excellent editorial content in the form of articles, which are featured in the Journal and The Edit sections of our website. They cover subjects and trends which everyone who loves the world of luxury will find genuinely interesting. They’re written specifically for Tidlrs by leading journalists and bloggers each of whom are recognized as informed and authoritative in their chosen topics. They’re also a great read.

Our Journal articles and blogs in The Edit are refreshed from time-to-time to ensure our users continue to enjoy their luxury online experience with Tidlrs. The luxury sector is constantly evolving, there are always new and exciting events and trends and our Journal and The Edit help keep our users in touch with these amazing activities.

By providing a single reference point Tidlrs allows busy consumers in the luxury space to avoid needing to spend precious time searching the internet.

And, through our editorial Journal and The Edit pieces, users will be encouraged to see how different luxury items can blend together into a compelling luxury lifestyle.