How To Become an Approved Retailer


As an Approved Retailer, you will be able to upload your own images, content and marketing material to Brands and Categories pages on the Tidlrs Website dedicated to your brand and your products and services.

These pages can be updated and altered as needed to coincide with your own product launches, updates and marketing initiatives. There’s a step-by-step User Guide on our website which will guide Approved Retailers through the steps to take – it is really easy.


The way this works is there are two ways your products and services will be displayed on our website.

First, in the Brands section, each brand has its own dedicated Brands page. This enables you to promote your own brand using your own content, logo and images.

Second, we’ve categorised brands according to their product or service type in separate Categories and sub-Categories pages. These cover a wide range of luxury sectors including watches, jewellery, furniture, interior design, hotels & spas, private jets, cars, yachts, luxury real estate, travel, restaurants - and many more.

So, your products and services will appear in two locations on our website, in our Brands section, and in our Categories pages, thereby maximising your digital coverage. And if your products or services fall into more than one of our categories, then no problem – you can elect to appear in the Categories or sub-Categories which you feel best suit your products and services. Similarly, if you wish to upload audio and/or video footage, again no problem as our website is built to cater for different types of media uploads.


The dynamic mix of Approved Retailers using the Tidlrs Website brings together well-known brands in the luxury space together with lesser-known luxury manufacturers, retailers and providers who users may not be familiar with.

Tidlrs is intent on showcasing the finest in luxury – selecting small-scale, specialised providers from around the world alongside leading international brands curated in an interesting and authoritative manner by the Tidlrs team. The core requirement for all Approved Retailers will be an obsessive commitment to quality, detail and customer satisfaction.


Tidlrs is a subscription-based website with retailers wishing to be part of the Tidlrs community paying an annual or six-monthly subscription fee.

The site will not make any commission on sales. As such there will be no need to track or verify orders with intrusive software administration on your own website. This eliminates the scope for tension which can complicate commission arrangements where different websites may claim ownership of sales originations.

Also, many manufacturers and providers do not use e-commerce. They may have determined either that e-commerce isn’t the right sales model for them or they may still be considering how or if they should adjust their business model for e-commerce. For these businesses, where online commission deals can be complicated, the Tidlrs Website provides a simple way of driving digital traffic and resulting email or phone enquires to these retailers.

The Tidlrs subscription-based model means there will be no hard selling of products or services by Tidlrs, which could otherwise taint the flawless visitor experience enjoyed by users to our website.

To help track and improve performance, Tidlrs provides regular data updates, analytics and feedback so you can monitor engagement levels, trends and the resulting traffic generated to your website.


Potential subscribers who wish to use the Tidlrs Website to promote their products or services need first to complete a simple application form. Once you’ve done that we’ll process your application quickly (we try to get back to you within 24 hours).

Once you’re approved we’ll issue you with a Password which will give you restricted-access to the Tidlrs Website to enable you to upload your images and content and to manage these as per the level of subscription you have selected. The details of our Standard Package and Enhancement Tiers and the subscription fees for each of these can be viewed by clicking here.